Hey guys, Achillies here!

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About Me

Hey everyone! Achilles here, this may seem like a website based off of ancient Roman/Greek history but nope! I'm just a gamer name Achilles, and my theme is "Watch the heel Shield Brother!" (alright, i guess i wanted to put a few roman pictures in ha)

YouTube & Google+ & Skype

You might be wondering "Achilles! why don't you make a YouTube channel? Well, i actually already do, www.YouTube.com/user/TheOddHerobrine is the link i make Minecraft videos mostly, starting an blog called  "Achilles Blog" starting on June 7th! Speaking of June 7th! i have an event going on in my server! its on June 7th! IP is at cityview.tk! Now, finally, we have my Skype, if you want to ever talk to me just search me up on Skype directory, my name is Achillies Fortifier!
(P.S: I made that song


Ok so it all... do i really have to talk about history?

War Quotes

"Today, WE DINE IN HELL!!!!." -- Leonidas, Ancient Greece, Sparta

"This is from the wrong movie isnt it?." -- Chase Burnham (Achillies), Ancient Murica, California, San Pedro